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Our family has been feeding the world’s pets. We love what we do because we're just like you, we love our pets. We’re proud to be family owned and operated. We’re proud to make our food in our own facilities so we can control the quality from farm to bowl. We’re also proud to make wag-worthy food and treats for the best pets in the world,


As a pet owner, you can be assured that the Triumph® products you purchase can be done so with absolute confidence, knowing that we apply the same standards of manufacturing to the food you feed your pets as to the food you feed your families! That’s right, our facilities are SQF Level 3 Certified. Our Product Development and Quality teams are dedicated to keeping your pets safe, healthy, and happy.



  • We Source the Ingredients

  • We Formulate the Recipes

  • We Manufacture the Foods

  • We Make Pets & Pet Parents Happy




  • 1949

    Developed through four generations as a true American family business. Headquartered in the rural North Alabama town of Red Bay, the company began as a producer of animal feed under the direction of Omer Bullen and his son-in-law, Fred Bostick, Jr.

  • 1960

    As the business continued to flourish, pet food dry kibble was added to the production lineup.

  • 1972

    John Bostick joined the team in the early 70's and helped develop the company's economy dog foods into more complete lines. Over the next several years our brands grew to be leaders in value across much of the Southeastern and Southwestern United States.

  • 1984

    Alan Bostick took over the reins as President/CEO and has continued the progress and foresight of his grandfather, father and brother by expanding their product line and geographic reach to eventually include all of the United States and more than 30 countries worldwide.

  • Today

    Our products are sold all over the world, and we are innovating every day. These items can be purchased at most of the major retailers across the USA including mass merchandisers, grocery, value discount, clubs, pet specialty, hardware, and the farm & feed channels.




Highest Quality

Highest Quality

We know pet owners want absolute assurance that the pet food they purchase for their loved ones is safe, no matter where the product is sourced, raised, or manufactured. Triumph® is manufactured by Sunshine Mills, Inc., who recognized the prominence of producing safe foods, successfully completed extensive research, and chose the SQF Certification Program, which is one of the most globally recognized food safety programs in the world.
The SQF Certification Program aims to provide evidence and proof that manufacturers are indeed producing safe, quality foods, which helps strengthen the relationship between customers and manufacturers. The SQF Certification Program has 3 levels of certification, and we at Sunshine are proud to proclaim that we attained level 3 certification, the highest level available. Therefore, you can trust that Sunshine Mills, Inc. is successfully producing pet foods and treats at the highest level available for food safety and quality. To elaborate, achieving a level 3 certification is so prestigious that it is the same level of certification required to manufacture foods for human consumption, which is why we are so thrilled to offer our customers the same standard. Although we are proud of our accomplishments, we continuously strive for excellence and want to better improve our programs. That being said, our quality assurance team is still tirelessly working to further improve upon our successes so that we can continue to produce safe, quality foods that any retailer or individual consumers can trust!

Kitchen Crafted


Triumph is a high quality, premium brand of pet food that is manufactured in the United States. Because Triumph is crafted and produced right in our very own manufacturing facilities, we have the power to control the quality of this premium brand from start to finish. We are proud that Triumph products can be produced and manufactured with the kitchen crafted concept of governing the entire production process right in our very own kitchen. We begin the rigorous process of crafting the Triumph brand by purchasing our own ingredients. Then, we continue by manufacturing the product and filling our own packaging. Subsequently, we complete the process by shipping the finished product right to our customer’s front door. We take pride in being able to regulate our Triumph brand from beginning to end and are thrilled to provide our customers with high quality, kitchen crafted goodness.

Guaranteed Satisfaction


We not only care about the quality and safety of our products, we care about the satisfaction and happiness of our customers and their pets. We want our customers to walk away completely satisfied, knowing that their choice to purchase our products will lead to a bright future for their pets. However, in the event any customer is not pleased with their purchase of our products, we stand behind a 100% money back guaranteed policy that we enforce to help ensure that our customers always walk away satisfied. We take pride in making sure that our customers are not only pleased with our products, but continue to come back as a part of our family for years to come. This is why we chose to establish our 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy. As apart of this outstanding program, we have a friendly customer service team that is easy to work with and willing to discuss any concern our customers may have. Our team is on stand by, waiting to assist you in any way. In doing this, we can guarantee that you will walk away satisfied, with a smile on your face!

Wholesome Foods


Because we care about your pet’s nutritional needs, Triumph products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients and enriched with wholesome foods. For instance, our Triumph brand has no animal by-product meals or artificial colors in our formulations. Moreover, we choose to use wholesome fruits, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients because we truly care about the wellbeing of your pets, along with the quality of our products. We even take into consideration those pets with food allergies by producing our advanced grain-free and limited ingredient lines of product. We carefully choose each wholesome ingredient that goes into our Triumph formulations because we want to make sure that we are providing our customers and your pets with high quality, wholesome goodness.